The Pros and Cons of Keyless Locks

Keyless Locks are popular among homeowners and business owners because of their simplicity and enhanced security. With those things in mind, keyless locks aren’t right for every application. They provide enormous benefits in some cases, but they can be a hassle in others. Before deciding to invest in keyless hardware, customers should consider the pros and cons below.

Pro: Additional Security

The code for a keyless lock is similar to a debit card PIN. While it’s possible to guess the combination, most people won’t easily be able to figure out the code. This provides another layer of security by making it harder for intruders to gain access to the property. If the visitor doesn’t know the code, they don’t get in. It’s as simple as that.

Con: Higher Cost

Though smart locks provide extra security, it comes at a premium. Today’s keyless locks cost more than other commercial hardware types, but customers can recoup the cost in the form of reliability and protection. Where security for a business or home is concerned, it’s never a bad investment to put safety first.

Pro: Easy Access for Multiple People

Instead of issuing a set of keys to every staff member, business owners can simply give everyone the keyless lock’s access code. Some lock types permit the upload of multiple codes, which allows owners to monitor staff comings and goings. This makes it simple to change codes when employees are let go, and it’s possible to maintain a master code.

Con: Malfunction Risk

With electronic hardware, there’s always a risk of failure. The more parts a mechanism has, the greater the chance of issues. Considering that, keyless lock makers can create nearly fail-safe devices. If the unit has a built-in manual lock, that can be used to access the building while the keypad is under repair.

Pro: No Lost Keys

Working parents sometimes give keys to their children, but now it’s possible to furnish them an access code thanks to keyless entry systems. In many cases, kids lose keys, but these locks are a great way to prevent that. Keyless setups are very secure because there’s no longer a need to leave a spare key outside the home where it can easily be discovered.

Con: Shoulder Surfing

The term “shoulder surfing” is used to describe another person looking over a property owner’s shoulder as they enter the access code on the keypad. This can be a severe security concern, as the other person could memorize the code and use it later to gain unauthorized entry.

Pro: Easier Usage

When using keyless entry systems, there’s no need to keep a large set of keys if an owner has multiple properties. All the owner needs to do is memorize each property’s keyless entry code. It’s much simpler than trying to figure out which key opens the door.

Con: Larger Lock Assemblies

If the building is older and has period architecture, large, modern hardware may look unusual. There are many designs and styles to select from, and buyers can consult a professional locksmith for help in choosing a design that suits their needs and their design aesthetic.

Movie villains and heroes have used keypads to protect their hideouts for years. These gadgets were once seen only on the movie screen, but they are now commonly available to residents and business owners alike. If a person has a keyring that resembles a janitor’s, they should consider switching to a keyless access control system. The benefits of keyless lock assemblies outweigh most of the drawbacks. If a business owner or homeowner wants to protect their premises, these locks are a great place to start.